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Started in the offline world in 2008, ebrand constructor was initially a football/soccer marketing company but soon expanded into general marketing. Our aim is to provide a platform for publishers to meet with would be advertisers. Having ourselves been into publishing for close to a decade, we got tired of not getting enough income for our websites. Although adsense was providing us some income, we felt we could do better. Our years of researches and findings we aim to use to help your business.

What we do for your business

Ebrandconstructor.com provides your website, blog, app and what have you a profitable alternative to adsense. We know what it takes to run a successfully online website and we want to help you do same with your blog. You provide the content for your website, blog or app, we provide the monetizing. Our pride is in the ability to provide you our publishers the most relevant, valuable, profitable and contextual deals. We have evolved as the Internet and the search engines evolved, we have tried various niches and industries. Unlike other companies, we don't hide behind some difficult to understand terminologies.


We try to make things as simple as they can get. Our array of experienced account managers will provide you up to date information on every stage of the project. With Ebrandconstructor.com, we ensure you have the best websites and not just websites but websites in niches that matches your market. our very professional and experienced account managers work round the clock to ensure we provide you, the advertiser, the best return for your investment. We aim to use our experience in the marketing and advertising world to better your own business.

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Pierre Ojo

Managing Director

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Managing Director

Bukola Gbolahan Ojo

Head Of Marketing

Joseph Spencer

Media Buyer

Ivana Finlay

Media Buyer

Jens Keinert

Web Developer


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